Permanent Inch Loss Pricing


45 Minute Each Session 6 Sessions – 20% Discount
*Upper or Lower Abdomen $250 $1200.00
*Love Handles or Lower Back (Includes Right and Left side)    
*Upper Arms    
*Thighs – Front or Back $300.00  
*This includes 30 minutes caviation and 12 minute ZAAZ session    
Add on Radio Frequency (to tighten skin on same area) $30.00 per 10 minutes
Add on Eurowave (to tone the muscle underneath) $50.00 per 20 minutes
ZAAZ Lymphatic WBV $20.00 12 minutes
Add on a scientifically proven Body Wrap $99.00 1.5 hours

We recommend a minimum of 6 sessions per area, depending on your BMI. This treatment is not intended for weight loss but to spot reduce. Most clients have 1-2  sessions per week.  Call to personalize your services and find out how to get the best results for you.

You must be 18 or older for this treatment.

*Most clients have 1-2 sessions per week starting with a package of six per area of concern. Your success depends your commitment to eating right, drinking water and walking daily and/or using the ZAAZ lymph and/or the infared sauna.