Elastin Infusion Therapy

Effective • Painless • Affordable

No Downtime • No Redness

Tightens, Tones & helps reduce cellulite on body

Experience Dramatic results with our proprietary Elastin Infusion. Restore 2 years of lost Elastin in one treatment!

What is Elastin Infusion Therapy?
The human body stops making the protein “Elastin” responsible for the elasticity in the skin after 12 years of age. Medical science states that the process is not reversible. Elastin deteriorates with age, making the skin less elastic and further impacts the body’s ability to hold collagen.

Dr. Burt Ensley, participated in a DARPA study that used plant biotechnology to help wounded soldiers heal faster with minimal scarring. TBI researched and developed a method to replace elastin by using a higher potency of the product combined with other highly effective skin care ingredients, to painlessly “infuse” 2 years worth of lost elastin back in to the skin without the use of needles, redness, swelling or bruising. Microcurrent strengthens elastin and increases collagen productions, resulting in a reduction of wrinkles and a tightening of the underlying muscles. You will notice dramatically softer smoother skin immediately.

Our Microcurrent treatments increase cellular ATP (the fuel of the cells) by 500%. The result is increased collagen production and stronger elastin, the two most important elements in antiaging, toning and tightening of the skin on the face and the body. Look rested and refreshed after the very first treatment.