Lash Lifts

Add lash tint $20 to upper lashes for that extra opened wow factor. Lower lashes are not tinted with lash lift service on the same day. If lower lash tint is desired, client must come minum 48 hours before the lash lift.

What is a Lash Lift?

A Lash Lift boosts your lashes at the root, which makes them appear longer and more defined. A Lash Lift is a newer and better alternative to the lash perm.

This is also a great alternative to lash extensions, especially for those who are easing their way into or out of extensions. Unlike lash extensions, you are free to rub your eyes, wear mascara and eye makeup and go in a sauna or hot tub.

A lash lift is the ultimate treatment to lift your natural lashes from the root. This enhances and emphasizes the eyes. Unlike a traditional lash perm, it creates the effect of longer, lifted lashes. This creates an illusion of length and volume that lasts anywhere from four, six, or eight weeks, depending on the client.


What about making them darker?

Eyelash Tinting can be added at the time of service to darken and enhance, taking your lashes to the next level.


How do I prepare for my Lash Lift?

The only thing you need to do is arrive at your appointment with naked lashes. For best results, nothing should be put on your lashes the day of your appointment.

Who is A Good Candidate for Lash Lift?

A good candidate for the Lash Lift is someone who has strong, healthy lashes, but wants to make their eyes look open and pretty without the daily hassle or damage of a lash curler.

For the best results possible, we recommend using a reputable lash serum, like the one we have up front.