How the Eurowave Pro Works

The Eurowave achieves toning, shaping and inch loss through the use of EMS (Electromuscle Stimulation). EMS is a very safe and simple procedure that uses painless faradic waves to stimulate the muscles and make them work – much like you would at the gym. However, there is no resulting build-up of lactic acid, which means you aren’t sore after a treatment!

The achieved muscle tone is real. After a course of 10 sessions you will look and feel better, your core muscles will be strengthened, toned and tightened and even working out at the gym can be easier… making sustaining the results completely possible. And the best part… these inches will stay off for 6 – 8 months as long as your weight remains constant.

Our technology is not new – astronauts in the 1970s used it to reshape and rebuild muscle after returning from space. Advances in the technology made it more available and it became widely used by physiotherapists, chiropractors, body builders, pro athletes, actors and estheticians.

Try It. Love It.

Relax for 20 minutes while painlessly completing the equivalent of 200 PERFECT situps. You'l love the treatment, especially when we're able to take off 1-3 of your most stubborn inches in a single treatment.

We think you'll love the results, too, and that's why we offer a great price on your initial trial session. Try a single 18-minute session and we GUARANTEE you'll lose 1-3 inches * from your treated area. Take that part of your body you don't like, and we make it disappear!

*results not uniform for all users, but are guaranteed